Some jerk stole my phone the other day. 315 unread text messages that I’ll never read. Oh well.

Losing my phone made me appreciate how cute my friends are. Why are they so thug? It’s ridiculous. They need to calm down. No one needs to jump anyone with a baseball bat for a wimpy little iPhone 4.


Alessandra Celauro (Asunción, Paraguay) - Vanishing from the Vanishing series, 2012      Photography

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Finn the German Shepard.


Sydney ✈ Stockholm


colleen k.
bloomington, indiana
april, 2014

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Movements & Variations

by Skyler Brown

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A Ham in Any Season (by Goro!)

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Bommer Slab by dooType (70% off).

Bommer project started in January of 2014 and I am happy to announce the first family - Bommer Slab - is now ready for release. This family includes 14 weights - been seven uprights and seven italics.

This font has a strong personality, that makes it perfect for use in headline sizes but means it also works gracefully within text blocks.

Bommer Slab is just the beginning: a rounded version will be launched next month (May 2014) and condensed and sans versions are estimated for the second semester of 2014.

Get it here:


I’m reading your palm and it says it belongs on my butt

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I had macarons for the first time in almost two years they were fucking disgusting.

They actually weren’t. They tasted mediocre (stupid hype), but they made me want to puke. They chose a lovely, foreign guy to man the cash register. His hair was very textured.

Extreme anxiety, yes, but no more panic. Moving forward, I guess.


The Last of Winter : (Mattias Holter

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